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Where to Eat - Lucignano

Updated: May 8, 2023

While the town of Lucignano is pretty small, there are surprisingly a good number of eateries and bars within walking distance of the B&B. While you can usually walk into restaurants, most restaurants in Italy prefer reservations to be made in advance. Should you need help making reservations, please don't hesitate to ask and we can reserve a table for you. Most restaurants do not open until 730pm and usually take seating until 10pm.


Upscale or Special Occasions:

La Tavernetta is located opposite the La Rocca gate, which is the town gate nearest the B&B. You will find a slightly different menu here which includes their highly recommended Gnudi au gratin, Ribollita, and Chianina steak. The ambiance here is perfect for warm summer nights because of their large outdoor patio that overlooks the valley below. The staff is also super friendly.

Zenzero has a more contemporary European / Italian menu with three different themed course menus - blue (seafood), red (meat), and green (vegetarian). Great wine list! It doesn't hold the same views as La Tavernetta or Il Goccino but its atmosphere is just as good and much more contemporary than other traditional italian restaurants.

La Cucina della Lodola is about a 5 minute drive down the hill from Lucignano. See blog post on this restaurant for more details. For directions you can easily find it on Google. If you are looking for a farm to table experience and a slightly elevated and different spin on Tuscan food, check this place out. It has a cute patio for outdoor seating and the menu changes weekly. They use fresh produce from their garden and only offer ultra local wines.

Mid-Price Range (but still casual):

Osteria Le Botti - If you are looking for a more casual option, head to Botti's which is located closer to the front gate near the grocery store. It offers both outdoor and indoor seating with a fairly large menu. Here you will find pizza, pasta, Tuscan-appetizers (crostini, bruschetta, caprese salad, etc) and a fairly large choice of secondi from lemon chicken to steak and pork. My usual order is the pici al ragu or pizza with a half liter of house wine.

Scroccazucche - This place is one of our favorites. It is right down the hill from town so it is easiest to get to if you have a car. They have a bigger menu than other places you may visit and they make some absolutely delicious risotto. Pizzas and meat dishes are also great! It is a good spot for larger groups.


Trattoria dal Gallo - Gallo is also a more casual spot and is best described as offering classic & humble Italian home cooking. Short of eating in someone's home, Gallo gives you a taste of true Tuscan food with recipes I am sure have passed through generations. The ambiance is simple but cozy especially on busy nights with tables full of locals and the big wood burning fire place blazing in the background, waiting for its next steak to sear. If you like pork and tartufo, you must order the maiale (pork) filetto in crema di latte. The sauce is divine. Order a liter of house wine (red or white) and I highly recommend the tiramisu or Tuscan cheesecake for dessert. This restaurant delivers simplicity at its finest at an amazing price. Best to pay in cash.

Pezzi Pizza - Looking for something super simple like takeout pizza? This is definitely your spot. Grab a beer while you wait for your pizza to be ready and eat at the restaurant (very limited seating) or take it with you to the park or back to the B&B. It is located right outside the front gate by Ischi Patisserie.

Bar Bistrot Fuoriporta - This bar and restaurant is located just outside of the front gates, opposite from Cafe du Monde. It is not only a cafe and bar but it also serves sit-in and takeaway food. It has a great outdoor patio and sometimes has live music in the summer. Its a great place to have an aperitif or for dinner. Dishes are traditional Tuscan.

Snoopy's - Best gelato in Tuscany! It also offers other dessert options like cakes, tiramisu, and sometimes cookies. The staff is ultra friendly and their flavors are always changing.


Aperitif time is usually between 530pm and 730pm (before restaurants open). Its like social hour for the town and is one of the liveliest times of the day. In the summer, you might also find bands playing in the street or the town setting up for an evening event. Check out our events page for summer classics.

Caffe del Borgo - Best coffee in Lucignano! It is one the smaller bars in town but the owner creates some great ambiance. You will likely find 90s music pumping for happy hours and sometimes bands playing in the street by this bar in the summer. Coffee in the morning, booze at night, and quick lunch takeaway options mid-day before la pausa starts around 2pm.

Cattivino - A new wine bar in town that often holds larger parties / events in the piazza next door. In the summer you will likely find live music or a DJ with outdoor seating in the piazza hosted by Cattivino. Cattivino also has a wine bar in the historic center of Arezzo.

Cafe du Monde & Fuoriporta- Located outside the front gate are two main bars with ample outdoor seating. The outdoor seating is perfect for watching the sun set over the hilltop town. Happy hours in Italy almost always come with bar snacks (cicchetti) which is one of the best thing about Italy. You can also grab a caffe and cornetto at any of these bars in the mornings.

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