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Our Commitments

Cipresso e Pietra is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. With every night you stay, you will be giving back, with 1% of your purchase going to an environmental nonprofit! We are currently partnered with SIMBIO, an Italian nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable development here in Italy and abroad in the rainforest. For example, their campaign "Be Active Stop Plastic" brings awareness and action to the conscious use of single use plastic.  


We also take ambitious action to reduce our environmental footprint and work closely with local communities to preserve cultural and natural heritage.

  • 1% of our sales go to local environmental nonprofits (e.g. SIMBO) 

  • Counterbalance the negative impacts of over tourism by introducing travelers with off the beaten path experiences and locations.  

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle, & compost

  • Partner with local farms to offer  organic local food to guests

  • Use Oeko-tex certified  & organic linens and mattresses where possible

  • Use second-hand furniture or purchase furniture made from sustainable sources (e.g. FSC certified wood)

  • Utilize energy-efficient appliances and lighting

  • Installed and utilize a rain catchment system for landscape irrigation

  • Use non-toxic cleaning agents

  • Plastic-free whenever possible

  • Paper products (toilet paper, tissues) are sustainable and recycled. Purchased from Who Gives  Crap, a company that gives back 50% of profits to improving sanitation and building toilets in the developing world.


Our Mission

At Cipresso e Pietra, our goal is to reduce our environmental impact and support local communities and economies. As a southern Tuscany hideaway, we believe it's our duty to make a positive difference. We're committed to leaving the world better than we found it. Travel can change places and people, so we all need to help protect and preserve our planet for the future. The best part of traveling is seeing the natural beauty of the world and learning from different cultures.

"Be not simply good, be good for something." H.D. Thoreau

Voted 2022 Best Sustainable Accommodation in Southwest Europe

GrINN Awards 2022
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