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Walk to the Medici Fortress

Just outside the walls of Lucignano, there remains an old military Medici Fortress that has recently been restored. The construction of the fort was completed by one of the most influential military architects of that time: Bernardo Puccini. In September 1556 the construction began but, due to the continuation of the war, the bad weather conditions, the poor quality of the concrete and the continuous collapse of the ground, only two bastions were hardly completed by 1559: bulwark Calcione to the north, and bulwark of Purity, to the south. By this point, the war was nearly over and the peace between France and Spain and Republic of Siena in Montalcino determined to stop the work on the fortifications of Lucignano.

From the B&B, it is about a 15 minute walk. Exit out the front gate, walk towards Pezzi pizza and down the hill to the major intersection. Take the second road from the left at the intersection and walk towards the countryside. About 100m from the intersection, you will see signs for the Medici Fortress. It is near the water tower (tall rectangular structure).

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