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Maggiolata in Lucignano - 2024

Updated: Mar 17

Lucignano is known for their Maggiolata festival, a celebration of spring and tradition typically held the last two weeks of May. People come from all over Italy to see the festival. All the floats in the parade are made out of flowers and there is endless food, music, and ongoing events.

This is a great way to see the town and its traditions as you explore Tuscany in a new way. Check out some photos below from last year.

For the full program, go here:

When you enter any of the gates into the town, you will be asked to buy a ticket to enter (~10 euros)

Key events to know:

The festival runs from May 20 - Jun 1.

The first and last nights are usually big parties in the village with a few more bigger evenings during parade days.

21, 23, 28, 1 (Jun): Parade dates (evening)

Parades start around 4pm

Around 930pm - music by the front gate

Food stands by the front gate (dinner and lunch): sometimes require a reservation

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