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Looking for a Spa Day?

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

We love indulging ourselves with a spa day any time of the year and especially after a long couple of days of travel or sightseeing. Adler Spa Resort Thermae is a luxury spa in Tuscany that sells day passes. It is about 45 minutes from the B&B and the drive is spectacular! The roads wind through the hills of the Val d'Orcia and you will pass Pienza, San Quirico, and Bagno Vignoni. The resort is actually tucked in at the base of the small town Bagno Vignoni which is also worth the experience. All the pools at the resort are fed by natural hot springs in the area. The spa is pretty expansive with lots of hot pools, cold pools, saunas, salt grottoes, steam rooms, sleeping pods, and you can access their restaurant for drinks or a light snack.

If you do decide to stop in Bagno Vignoni, either before or after your stay at Adler, we recommend grabbing a coffee, gelato, or even make a dinner reservation. You will love the ambiance. Also check out the natural hot springs with the salt dunes just below the town.

Another great spa location is Castel Monastero located half way between the B&B and Siena (~20 minutes). They also have a wellness center with indoor and outdoor pools and an entire spa menu of facials, massages, and other beauty treatments. Reservations are required in advance as they do fill up but if you are interested, we are happy to make the reservation for you or you can reach out to them directly.

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