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Watch a Movie Outdoors in a Castle

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

In the summers, there are outdoor movie showings in an old castle in the small town of Castiglione del Lago in Umbria. Because we are located on the eastern side of Tuscany, we are so close to Umbria and Lake Trasimeno. It is quite the experience! Tickets are only about 8 euro and there is a small bar located on site where you can buy snacks and drinks. All the seats have backs which is great for long movies and by the time the evening rolls around, the temperature has lowered and you might even get a small breeze coming in from the lake. Sometimes they offer movies in English so ask us for the latest movie schedule of the season.

The castle is located at the far end of the town and because the town is perched on a small hill, almost all the restaurants have fabulous views of the lake. It is known to be one of the cleanest lakes in Italy and it always has a turquoise hue. There are other towns around the lake worth checking out and this is also a great place to rent boats, kayaks, or experience the Italian beach culture of Tuscany.

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