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Panzano and Chianti Cashmere Goat Farm

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Full Day Itinerary

Panzano: Located deep in the hills of the Chianti region, you won’t be disappointed with the drive there or the views from Panzano. It is about 1 hour and 20 min from Lucignano with twisty curvy roads through the Chianti region. While small, it is fairly international and has many shops, restaurants, and tasting rooms for one to enjoy.

Dario DOC: If you are a foodie, you know who Dario Cecchini is, not just for his food but how he takes care of and respects the life of his animals. He is a world-known butcher from Panzano who uses every last tendon of the animal and takes care of them and the surrounding land until their last natural breath. In Panzano, you will find his butcher shop on street level and his restaurants above. He has three main restaurants with Dario DOC being his most casual option (no reservations required) but arrives early as it is a popular spot and is first come first serve. While there are vegetarian options on the menu, he is known for his meat so it is not for the faint of heart vegetarians. You can catch more of his story on the Netflix show “Chef’s Table”.

Azienda Agricola Il Palagio di Panzano: If you are still looking to taste some wine before you head out, walk to the tasting room of Il Palagio di Panzano. Their vineyard is also down the street about 5 min away but the tasting room is perfectly situated in the town center. The some who works there speaks English, is very friendly, and can offer you the full history of their wine, the chianti region. The tasting pours are generous and free.

Chianti Cashmere Goat Farm: Located about 20 min south of Panzano (on the route back to Lucignano), you will find a sustainably farmed cashmere goat business. An American, and trained veterinarian, moved to the Chianti region back in the late 70s and started a cashmere goat farm. It is the biggest operation of its kind in Europe. Shop in her store and take a tour of her farm. Play with the baby goats and puppies while you take in the views of the chianti hills. Lunch in the garden is also an option. Reservations needed.

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