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Citta di Castello in Umbria

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

While we are biased to all things Tuscany, we are close to the border of Umbria, a region known for it's truffles, medieval hill towns, and dense forests. We would be remiss to not talk about some of these beautiful places just an easy (and beautiful) drive from Lucignano. Citta di Castello is located just east of Arezzo in the northern part of Umbria and dates back to the 12th century. ⁠ This means yet another beautiful medieval village with lots of history.

Visit the church of San Francesco and you will immediately be captivated by the floor to ceiling frescoes. You can even tour below in the crypt! The next big must-see is the grand Palazzo Vitelli alla Cannoniera. The Palazzo houses the second more important picture gallery in all of Umbria. It is also linked to the famous legend of Laura, who was the lover of Alessandro Vitelli. Bored due to her husband being away at war, she was said to lure men into the Palazzo by dropping a lace handkerchief into the street and then killing them in a still-existing exit in the building. ⁠The Palazzo is not only a museum of art but also contains endless frescoes and beautiful gardens.

Walk the streets of town which are full of shops and have lunch at a local spot. Umbria is known for truffles, pecorino cheese, extra virgin olive oil, and porchetta. The food is simple but fresh and you can bet it came directly from farm to table. On your way back to Lucignano, you will pass through Arezzo which is a perfect place to stop for apertivi (happy hour drinks and snacks). By pass the outskirts of Arezzo and head directly for the historic center. A great place to park is in the parking lot by the train station. From there the historic center is only a 5 minute walk. We recommend La Candestina, a cocktail bar with retro decor, great cocktails, Italian wine (of course!) and the best cichetti in town.

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