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Art & Wine: A Unique Day in the Chianti Wine Region

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Choosing a winery to explore and taste in Tuscany can be overwhelming but if you are looking for something a little different and unique, we highly recommend Castello di Ama in the Chianti wine region followed by a self-guided tour at the Chianti Sculpture Garden.

Castello di Ama is about a 50 min drive from the B&B but it is worth the drive. It takes a little longer to get up there because of the twisty curvy roads but the views along the way are spectacular. Make a reservation for a tour and tasting at the winery (or you can also do lunch). The property is almost like a with multiple buildings and walking paths perched on a hill. It dates back to the Etruscan times. Art, landscape and wine have always coexisted at Ama. There are a series of international contemporary art installations throughout the property which creates quite a contrast to the pre-Roman building architecture. Each installation tells its own story and its meaning behind the inspiration of the land and wine. This is why I highly recommend the full tour if you go. In addition to the awe-inspiring art, the wine is fantastic. They are known for their DOCG Chianti Classico and Toscana IGT but they also make a beautiful rose and pinot nero which is hard to find in this area.

Chianti Sculpture Park

The Chianti Sculpture Park is about 15 minutes from Castello di Ama. It is contemporary works of art along a path through the outdoors. Sometimes you will find events there (yoga, music, etc). Each piece of art is done by a different artist representing around 26 different countries. The path through the woods from installation to installation is not long and there are picnic sites you can stop at along the way.

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