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When to Come

Updated: May 31, 2022

Check back for more updates on local events as these change year to year and new local events are added each month.

Everyone always asks - when is the best time to come to Tuscany? I always say that it depends on what you want to see! Weather-wise, the best time is May and September. In mid- to late May, its warm but not too hot and usually the rain has stopped by then. In September, the heat starts to subside and you begin to see fall colors. Another way to think about when to come is, what festival you may want to see, whether you want to be here during olive oil season, wine harvest, or when the sunflowers bloom. Below are some notes on what you may see/experience in Tuscany by month.

Summer in general is filled with lots of festivals, events, outdoor movies (also in a castle!), and much more!


Palio di Torrita di Siena: The horse race (ehm donkey race) of Torrita di Siena, in the

province of Siena, is held every year on the Sunday following March 19th (or March 19th

if it falls on a Sunday).

Photo from Associazione Sagra San Guiseppe


Maggiolata: The Maggiolata of Lucignano is a big party for the arrival of spring. A flower festival that

lasts several days, the last two weeks of May, involving all the citizens of the Arezzo village. This is a

must see in Lucignano and is one of the things this medieval village is known for. Expect parades of

flowers, parties, and evening celebrations.

Mid- June:

Wine and food tour: Sign up for the yearly wine and food tour around Lucignano. Local guides will

take you on a hike outside the walls of Lucignano, through vineyards, farms, and the like with a food

and wine progressive along the way. Be sure to sign up for the early morning time slot because

Tuscany can get very hot mid-day in June. This event usually takes place on June 19th or around that time period.

The picnics in the park (Picnicco in Umbria) start up for the summer. Food trucks, wine, and views at

sunset make it a fun off the beaten path experience. Click on the link to read more about it in the blog post.


Palio in Siena: July 2nd (& Aug 16th) every year is the horse race in Siena. It is a MUST see but tickets

must be purchased well in advance as it fills up fast.

Photo by: Photojournalist Roberto Vicario

Sunflowers in Tuscany are in full bloom by mid-July through mid-August. You will be sure to see them in and around Lucignano, Sinalunga and throughout the Val d’Orcia.

Outdoor Movies: Watch a movie outside in a castle in the town of Lago di Trasimeno located about 35 min from Lucignano. Ask for the schedule to see what is playing. Many movies are played in English with Italian subtitles.


August is usually when the Italians go on vacation which means many places are often closed or not on their normal schedule. Given this, we actually recommend visiting during another month but if this is your only time to come, there are still some things happening. Note - it is very hot in August so dress accordingly.

Ferragosto: The biggest holiday of the year for Italians and is mid-month. Expect most things to be


Thursday nights in Lucignano: Every Thursday evening, the town puts on events including music, food, and wine. It is a great way to see the town come to life in summer.


October is when the olive harvesting season begins. Likely you will find olive oil tasting festivals alongside other food tasting festivals of the season. Early October or late September is usually grape harvesting season as well.

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